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Masonry cleaning

Masonry cleaning Chicago

Of all the changes an historic building can undergo, cleaning the exterior masonry is one of the most visually dramatic. Exposing the original color of the masonry by cleaning it brings about impressive improvements. This is especially true in the appearance of many urban buildings blackened by industrial pollution. It is a process which changes not only the fundamental appearance of historic masonry buildings, but also the environmental context in which they exist.


Chemical masonry cleaning

Chemical masonry cleaning

The objective of cleaning a historic masonry building must be considered carefully before arriving at a decision to clean. There are several major reasons for cleaning a historic masonry building: improve the appearance of the building by removing unattractive dirt, removing soiling materials that may be damaging the masonry, or provide a clean surface to accurately match repointing mortars or patching compounds, or to conduct a condition survey of the masonry.


masonry-cleaning-before masonry-cleaning-after

While visual improvements brought about by cleaning historic masonry should not be underestimated, neither should the dangers. Irreversible damage has been caused to thousands of historic masonry structures by unscrupulous contractors. Unskilled and hurried workers using inappropriate cleaning techniques have caused permanent damage to our country’s masonry heritage. There is no reason to let it happen to you.